Jenni (boltongirl) wrote,

another trip

so i went on my third trip of this semester over the weekend. we had like 700 dollars left in our floor fund for the semester and if we didnt use would go for the people who are gonna live here next year. so we decided to go to the lake of the ozarks and stay in an estate at Tan Tara A.
It was such a fun time. Our room was awesome and best of all it was free.
Did some shopping and swimming. Great times with fun people.
Saw Colleen Winter on the Strip on Saturday. She was very happy to see me and Maggie. Shes still super nice. We talked about getting a reunion together. She said she would call Kornfeld. It was random to see her there but she was there for a formal. And I thought having a formal in Branson was bad...anyway.
Time for the week from hell to begin.
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